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My Fiction Stories

Watermelon Cover 3.png

Watermelon Prolog – R E Pahus

Teenage twin boys Jason and Jeremy Carver from Southern Georgia raised a garden of watermelons as a summertime project. They hope to win a prize at a local county fair.


Unintentional, unplanned results from a State University of Iowa / NASA Commercial Satellite Division agricultural experiment cause one of their melons to grow to an abnormal size.


Watermelon is the story of that melon and the rewarding conclusion.

Peeper Cover.jpg

Peeper Prolog - R E Pahus

A high school girl gets a note with an indecent picture and malicious instructions from a peeping tom.

She tells Jason and Jeremy Carver about the problem. They devise a plan to catch the peeper with the aid of their drone force. The peeper is ex-military and uses tools and experience to kidnap the girl and evade the police.

The boys employ special program drones to locate the peeper and save the girl.

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